MorrisonPondWe're making a movie this summer.

And, we want your screenplay!

We're a production company located in Dallas/Ft. Worth. We're committed to producing a full-length feature movie this summer. We're starting pre-production June 1st, with plans to shoot in August. Our goal is to premiere the movie on Thanksgiving 2006.

We need a story. But not just any story. We need a fully-developed screenplay that we can produce into this movie. Plus, we need the story to redeem. That means the good guys win, the hero gets the girl and the world is a better place. Or, something like that. We're not looking for complicated stories, but we want the writing to be solid. This will be Guerilla filmmaking at its finest. With no budget, we're looking for stories that can be shot efficiently and inexpensively. In other words, if you have epic battle scenes, loads of CGI, tons of car crashes and exotic locations, then we encourage you to submit your story to Dreamworks or Warner Brothers.

You must be flexible with your story. If we choose your story, we may need to change things up a bit to make sure we stick to our budget (or lack thereof). If you're overly idealistic about your story, then please don't submit to us. We're moving fast, so we welcome flexibility and humility.

If you interested, please fill out the information below and send it to us. We will review your submission. At this point, we don't want to read your screenplay. Please only send us your treatment or synopsis. Let us know the story you want to tell. If we like your story, we'll take the next steps.

Regarding the copyrights to your story, we recommend you register your story with WGA. You don't have to, but it's recommended. If your story is selected, we'll work out the legal issues prior to production. Our entire budget for this production is $5,000. It's a microbudget movie, so we can't offer you any financial incentive up front. There may be, however, some deferred payments options that can be discussed prior to the start of the project.


Note: As of May 16th, we're no longer accepting stories for consideration in our 2006 Summer Movie project.